This project will be launched in 2022

It will feature interviews, research and data on

women of colour and the menopause.

The menopause is no longer such a taboo subject. We increasingly read and hear about it. We talk about it with ease among friends, share experiences, symptoms and different therapies. But most public attention is on white, middle class women. The fact it's progressively in the public domain is wonderful, but let’s add other voices to the experiences. Whether we’re Indian, Black, Pakistani or Bangladeshi our bodies transition the same, even if our experiences are different.

The menopause can be life-changing. For some women, the perimenopausal years are debilitating, for others, an easy transition. This project will cover life histories, both positive and distressing experiences, and will share individual and culturally specific influences so we can share and learn from each other.

Come join me on these pages soon to read their narratives and experiences and much more!

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'Secrets to a happy, healthy menopause E-book'

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