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DB, 29, Marketing, London

"I came to see Kuldip because I'd been suffering with a skin condition for 5+ years that was spiralling out of control. I had seen numerous doctors and specialists, all prescribing the same medicines and creams. Nothing worked until I started treatment with Kuldip for 5 months. The process was simple and clear. There was great communication and she was very supportive throughout. It felt like she'd put a lot of research and time into creating a personalised plan for me and was quick to find alternatives if something didn't work. Now I am able to keep my condition under control and the knowledge I've gained from this experience will be invaluable throughout my life. This programme put everything into perspective, specifically where I was going wrong and how I could change it. There is so much information out there regarding my condition and this programme really cut through the noise and gave me an effective plan of action to tackle it quickly and realistically. I started seeing results within a few weeks and wish I'd opted for Kuldip's services sooner. The results have been life changing and I will be using her services again."

AZ, 46, Attendee - 'Menopause Matters' Talk, 17th Jan 2019, London

BM. 41,

Bexleyheath, London

I wanted to get nutritional advice due to what seemed like impacts from hormonal imbalances and poor digestion. Given I'd just treated historical uterine fibroids, I was determined to clean up my nutrition habits so there wouldn't be another build up. The 3-month plan itself was challenging but working with Kuldip was easy. She asked lots of questions and got into the detail, she was easy to reach, answered any questions and was supportive. I learnt a lot about not just what to eat, but how and why. It's really transformed my eating habits. What was most impressive was the aftercare - Kuldip was always happy to take questions even well after our sessions had finished, and she was even kind enough to send me Covid nutrition advice!

I had been worried and didn't know where or how to understand all the different things involved with becoming perimenopausal. Then I attended Kuldip's workshop and I learnt so much! I no longer feel worried and know that I can go to her anytime to help with my health needs. Deeply grateful Kuldip! Thank you so much

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SM, attendee - 'Stress and Nutrition' talk, 4th June 2019, London

Attended one of Kuldip's sessions. It was very informative, where she really broke down the barriers of science and how our bodies work in a way that is relevant to our everyday lives. I left feeling so much more in touch with my body and its rhythms. Truly grateful for the relaxed and interactive approach. Kuldip really listened and made us feel at ease. Nothing was beyond her understanding and expert knowledge to our questions.

JK, 56, Homemaker, Stansted

I first met with Kuldip in January 2020. When I saw her, I was literally like the walking dead. For most of my adult life I had suffered with bowel issues, constant fatigue, mouth ulcers, poor sleep, nutritional deficiencies, poor immune system, and it just kept getting worse. Kuldip was my last hope! Kuldip took a heap of notes and delved deeply into my medical history, my physical symptoms and lifestyle. The process was at a pace suited to my needs, gentle but encouraging. After receiving my first plan, I started to notice differences in my gut quickly. Gone was the urge to rush to the bathroom, and bloated feeling.


Kuldip and I had regular catch ups with updates to the plan as needed. Her support throughout the process was thorough. Six-seven months down the line, I am a stone lighter, my gut feels great and gone are the days of rushing to bathroom. I even sound happier! Kuldip has equipped me with the knowledge on how to manage my gut health going forward and how to manage symptoms should they reoccur. 


I also know that Kuldip is at the end of a phone call if I have any questions. Her support is consistent and in my eyes she’s brilliant at what she does. I would highly recommend anyone having gut health issues to work with Kuldip - she’s a life changer! Everyone I know has noticed the difference in me and ultimately that makes me feel great!

Healthy Salad

I had been experiencing a number of severe symptoms when I attended Kuldip Kaur’s engaging talk about the menopause. I found her science-based explanation of what was happening to our bodies accessible and illuminating. The detailed information she provided about how particular foods and supplements could help was invaluable. This vital and specific information had not been available via any of the mainstream medical services I had previously sought. Gaining a better understanding led to beneficial changes to my diet and wellbeing.

RM, 56, Attendee - 'Menopause Matters' Talk, 17th Jan 2019, London

CW, 47, London Fields, 

I had been suffering with fibroids resulting in irregular, heavy periods for several years. Not only did this severely impact my life personally and professionally but I also had to contend with 2 weeks of each month/cycle with low energy, low mood and zero motivation. It was extremely debilitating. What drew me to work with Kuldip was her expertise in balancing hormones for women, and in my case, specifically fibroids. I had been looking for the right person for a while, taking my time, because your health is the most important asset you have. After my extensive programme from Kuldip, personalised to my needs, which included liver support and recommended foods, including supporting supplements, I can happily say that after the 3 months I was back to being me again - vibrant, full of energy and focus. As I write this testimonial, one year later, I have the same energy if not more, and I'm also 16 pounds lighter! I cannot recommend Kuldip enough. 

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GB, 51, Careers Services Manager, Stratford, East London

For many years, I thought I led a very balanced diet with all the necessary proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals, combined with a regular routine of physical activities. However, constant stomach problems, aches and pains motivated me to seek help from a nutritionist. Thankfully, Kuldip came with high recommendations so my search didn’t have to travel too far. After an initial consultation , I entered a new world in getting to know how my body processed food and what foods were best suited for my digestive system and overall wellbeing. I would consider Kuldip to be an extremely knowledgeable practitioner. She has an uncanny knack in being able to successfully blend a wealth of scientific, nutritional knowledge with her own intuition, that helped to create my own, personalised roadmap towards change in my eating habits, which I can thankfully now say, are embedded in my everyday decision making. It was a real pleasure working with Kuldip. Without a shadow of a doubt, I would work with her again and recommend her services wide and far.

MK, 27, London

I would like to thank Kuldip because she really has been incredible at guiding and advising me to better health. She has helped my mental and physical wellbeing by developing a healthy relationship with food and teaching me what is best for my body. I came to Kuldip to help combat my severe constant low energy and PCOS.


Having worked with her for 3 months, not only do I feel so much more energized, but I’ve also learnt to manage my PCOS symptoms. I really felt lost before I began working with Kuldip and now I have been completely transformed. I have more energy, my PCOS symptoms are manageable and ultimately my mental state is finally at a place of peace. She has been a great mentor and she is so easily accessible when you have questions. But ultimately, she is the number 1 encourager and will put you back on track if you need it. Thanks for all you have done for me Kuldip!

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PU, 51, Islington, London

I found the level of detail offered by Kuldip educational, particularly on the importance of eating cruciferous food types, the amount per day as well as tips on how to maintain good gut health through eating fermented foods, such as sauerkraut. I have incorporated these into my daily diet. If I hadn’t attended the workshop, I wouldn’t have picked up this knowledge on how to maintain my health and wellbeing.

IS, Attendee, ‘Menopause Matters’ Talk, 17 January 2019, London

I came to Kuldip suffering from severe menopause symptoms and was initially looking for a supplement regime as I was not keen to resort to HRT. After an initial session, she suggested we should work together on a full dietary programme, having a history of digestive problems, to get my system functioning as well as possible to cope better with the hormonal changes. And, I was keen to give it a try.

Over a period of three months, she set up and tweaked a programme for me which included supplements, but which worked as much as possible with diet: not just what I ate, but which combinations and at what time of day. Whenever something didn't suit me or wasn't working, she would try something else - there was never a one-size-fits -all approach. 

I am happy to say that within a few weeks, my hot flushes had reduced by about 80-90%, I was feeling less anxious, my mood swings were much more in control and I felt less bloated and had more energy. Some of the elements in the programme were detoxes which were temporary measures, but much of what she came up with I have been able to fit into my life, as she always adapted her knowledge to my case in a realistic way, and I am still feeling those benefits after six months.

Kuldip is extremely knowledgeable about both nutrition and women's bodies, and has a holistic approach to treatment which is never dogmatic or didactic, but flexible and sensitive to the client's personality and particular circumstances. Her advice is highly practical, and she gets results. She is also, a very warm and kind (and funny) person, who takes a genuine interest in her clients' wellbeing. I cannot recommend her enough.

Healthy Fruit Yogurt

IB, 43, trainer, London

I started to work with Kuldip after years of problems with my gut and digestive system. I was often bloated and usually either constipated or having diarrhoea. I felt stressed and out of control and didn't know what to do about it. I assumed the problems were to do with bacteria from previous food poisoning.  Kuldip made a very thorough investigation, also taking into account my thyroid and full endocrine function - I never imagined it would be so thorough or cover so many aspects of my body. She then gave me a series of recommendations that were clear and easy to follow. The whole process was accessible in tone.


Within only a few weeks my eating had changed for the better but in a way that didn’t feel restrictive or threatening. Now it's a year and a half later and I feel well, informed and in control. I still sometimes lapse into old eating habits but now I know what to do to manage the symptoms if they arise. Thank you so much for teaching me how to take care of myself!